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Hello, my translation of the article "Social Media Addiction" (社交媒体成瘾) was poorly completed by and I have complained. I apologise for not realising that their services are effectively machine translation. I am not able to afford all languages and have lost quite a bit of money due to poor translation services. I recommend ONLY for any paid translation services by volunteer wikipedians.

The article is currently linked to from John Hopkins University so on some level, as they published my press release, it appears to be very important. Can I please get some assistance for the Chinese speakers. It is not an English language crisis, the English language caused the crisis. E.3留言) 2018年12月21日 (五) 13:24 (UTC)

The link is on my Chinese talk page. I have a conflict of interest here I own this mental health awareness campaign. other wikis do not consider this a conflict of interest for the neutral articles, and I have directly discussed this on the English talk page.—以上未签名的留言由E.3对话贡献)于2018年12月21日 (五) 13:26 (UTC)加入。

Blocked from English Wikipedia at present, request Chinese wikipedia to consider my COI[编辑]

Hello. the discussion of my English block is available on my english talk page. Can Chinese speaking editors please consider my actual and apparent conflicts of interest when considering the article I published (currently badly translated) here? Thankyou E.3留言) 2018年12月22日 (六) 02:58 (UTC)

New translation available for Social Media addicion[编辑]

Hello I have a new translation available basically how it stands on the french page, it is on the talk page and on my talk page.

Can anyone advise whether it is readable, better, and if so I'll proceed to put it on the page. E.3留言) 2018年12月26日 (三) 04:49 (UTC)

Social media addiction[编辑]

I note this page was deleted, has anyone read the translation on my talk page? This is clearly better, I checked with a Chinese speaker. What was the reason for deletion? if it is translation, then we have a better one, I advised this prior to deletion. Stating that you are following English wikipedia article is not productive here - especially as the other wikis have been far more collaborative with me than English.E.3留言) 2018年12月28日 (五) 14:26 (UTC)

红军城 (乌克兰) and[编辑]

Correct the article title to the new official title 波克罗夫斯克 and 波克罗夫斯克个区

The old name is a reminder for the Ukrainian people with atrocities in 1919-1920 and millions corpses from the famine artificially created by the Soviet authorities in 1933. In this way Moscow destroyed the Ukrainian people.--Bohdan Bondar留言) 2019年1月3日 (四) 22:50 (UTC)

乌克兰行政区划 or 乌克兰[编辑]

Need to add about innovations As an element of the processes of, administrative-territorial reform began in Ukraine. Its main result is the creation In 2015 a new administrative unit United territorial communities were created meaning settlement councils, rural councils and a city of district significance can create a new administrative unit.[1] This new administrative unit was created to help the financial and administrate power and independence of rural Ukraine.[1] from In the newly villages (at the end of the article about Ukraine since 2015)--Bohdan Bondar留言) 2019年1月7日 (一) 18:01 (UTC)

Changes 韦列西[编辑]

In 2018, the processes that took place in the village of Veresy were removed from Zhytomyr Raion and transferred to the newly created

Now the structure is Zhytomyr Oblast 日托米尔州

Zhytomyr city territorial community (\Житомирська міська теріторіальна громада ) (Details: Zhytomyr + Veresy = Zhytomyr city territorial community)

Confirmation: [1] on page 4 in a text file in the table number 382

  translation : 2.6 Administrative-territorial structure of Zhytomyr oblast’: Settlements of Zhytomyr oblast’. Raions on December 1, 2018 (Gytomyr=Zhytomyr The Ukrainian railway company has created its own rules for transliteration of the Ukrainian language)

In the village Veresy 韦列西 there is a halt with the name of the village--Bohdan Bondar留言) 2019年1月7日 (一) 19:15 (UTC)
  1. ^ 2.6. Адміністративно-територіальний устрій Житомирської області: Населені пункти Житомирської області. Райони на 1 грудня 2018 року (RTF). 乌克兰最高拉达. АТУУ 135: 4. [2018-12-23].