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Place one of the following (with correct shortcut) at the top of the page:

When to use

The {{WikiProject advice}} template, or one of its more specific variants, should be used on essays and other advice pages that are written by one or more wikiprojects. Use any of these templates for advice that is supported by the members of the wikiproject, but that has not been proposed to the community and accepted as a site-wide guideline or policy.


|type=section is used to indicate that only part of the page is a WikiProject advice page. This is usually done with the categorical variants of the template, e.g. to mark part of an advice page with {{WikiProject notability advice|type=section }}, another part with {{WikiProject style advice|type=section }}, etc. The parameter can also be used to say something more specific about an entire page, e.g. |.

|shortcut=WP:SHORTCUT provides a shortcut link to the page/section. Up to five shortcuts may be specified as unnamed, numbered, or named parameters:

  • |1=WP:SHORTCUT1 |... |5=WP:SHORTCUT5
  • |shortcut1=WP:SHORTCUT1 |... |shortcut5=WP:SHORTCUT5

Please note that using more than three shortcuts for any page or section is generally discouraged.

|sort-by= can be used to customize the sort key for the category the page is placed into (see below).

|categories=no can be used to suppress categorization (see below), e.g. for draft pages.

|general=y Because several wikiprojects (Typo Team, Guild of Copyeditors, etc.) are not topical, but engaged in cleanup work across topics, this parameter can be used to suppress the "within their area of interest" wording, on any style advice pages/sections they create. This parameter only affects {{WikiProject style advice}}, but could be added to the other templates in this family if a specific need arises.


This template adds the page to a category appropriate for the specific template in question. In respective order, these are:

See also

  • {{Essay|interprets=}} – the banner template for pages that are more opinionated than instructional or technical; there are several parameters and variations.
  • {{Supplement|interprets=}} – to tag a well-established pages that adds something to a policy or guideline, especially to make up for a deficiency, and when it is referenced in the guideline or policy like WP:BRD.
  • {{Information page}} – the banner template for pages that are more just informational and non-opinionated like WP:GOV
  • {{Wikipedia how-to}} – the banner template for pages that are more directly instructional and non-opinionated like H:EDIT.
  • Wikipedia:Template messages/Wikipedia namespace for a listing of Wikipedia namespace banners.

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