1970 South Vietnamese Senate election

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Senate elections were held in South Vietnam on 30 August 1970.[1] The election was contested by a total of 16 lists, of which the three highest polling would be elected and receive 10 seats each.[2] Each voter had three votes, with the winning list receiving 1,149,597 votes (11.7%), whilst the third-placed list won 882,274 votes (9.0%).[3] Voter turnout was reported to be 65.4%.


The People1,149,59711.7110
The Sun1,106,28811.2710
Public Good and Social Justice882,2748.9910
Just Peace800,4538.150
Sheaf of Rice628,9926.410
Three Lotus Blossoms611,3516.230
Mother and Child591,2586.020
People and Peace533,6925.440
Democratic Buddhist Alliance492,1315.010
Greater Solidarity430,4654.380
South North Center420,6884.280
Support of the Government399,7674.070
The People First342,4163.490
Fish and Water320,3653.260
Total votes4,299,516
Registered voters/turnout6,578,08265.36
Source: Public Administration Bulletin Vietnam[4]


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