1971 South Vietnamese parliamentary election

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Elections to the House of Representatives were held in South Vietnam on 29 August 1971.[1] Only a few candidates were affiliated with political parties.[2] They were the final elections held in South Vietnam, as its government was overthrown by the North in 1975 and unified with the North in 1976.

Electoral system

In order to elect members of the House of Representatives, each province and city acted as an electoral district, except the city of Saigon, which was divided into three districts, and the province of Gia Dinh, which was divided into two districts. Voters had as many votes as there were seats to be filled.[3] In single-member districts, this made the electoral system single-member plurality: in districts where there were more than one seat to be filled, this became the multiple non-transferable vote system.


Voter turnout was 78.5%, with 5,567,446 of the 7,085,943 registered voters voting.[4]

Elected members by province

Province Candidate Votes %
Saigon (District 1) Ho Ngoc Cu 29,444 20.7
Ly Qui Chung 28,797 20.2
Nguyen Huu Chung 23,370 16.4
Nguyen Trong Nho 17,639 12.4
Tran Van Tuyen 17,232 12.1
Saigon (District 2)
Truong Vi Tri 32,932 28.7
Hyunh Ngoc Anh 21,031 18.3
Gip A Sang 19,923 17.3
Diep Van Hung 18,739 16.3
Saigon (District 3)
Ho Van Minh 41,977 30.2
Vo Van Phat 35,528 25.6
Ho Ngoc Nhuan 31,858 22.9
Phang Cong Phu 20,331 14.6
Source: Public Administration Bulletin Vietnam[5]

As voters in districts that elected more than one member had more than one vote, percentages may not add up to 100%.


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