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Owner(s)Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings
PublisherHong Kong Economic Times Holdings
HeadquartersKodak House II, 321 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong

e-zone is a Hong Kong IT magazine which is published every Thursday.[1]



e-zone was established by HKET Group (Hong Kong Economic Times Holdings Limited) in 1998.[2]

  • 1998: The PC and digital weekly magazine, e-zone was published and tied-in with HKET.
  • 2003: e-zone was spun off from HKET for total retail sale.
  • 2006: 《[email protected]》is published with the 《e-zone for school》, targeting at the both primary and secondary school students who are studying ICT.


The magazine has divided into three books and constructed by four sections, which includes:

  • PC + Tablet: Features application of PC hardware and software.
  • Phone: Compares different brands of tablets and smartphones.
  • DIGI + DIY: Highlights digital products and analysis on corporate IT strategies.


《e-zone Phone》

  • Gear Phone︰Introduces the latest information about the cell phones in market.
  • Gear Price War︰Compares different mobiles and service plans.
  • App Snapshot︰Compares the latest mobile apps on photo taking.
  • App Game︰Introduces the latest mobile apps.
  • Price Checker︰Compares different prices of the mobile phone.

《e-zone PC》

  • Cover story︰Analyzes the latest information communication technologies and products.
  • Webzine︰Introduces the online games and the relevant game tips.
  • 2nd-hand market : Collects and shows all the 2nd-hand computer market information.

《e-zone Digi》

  • Special Report︰Introduces the latest digital products in market.
  • Know How︰Analyzes the functions and details of the digital products.
  • Have Fun︰Introduces the newest games.

《e-zone DIY》

  • DIY Walker︰Teaches the techniques on making your own personal computer.
  • Pro Report︰Tests and analyses several computer hardware and software.
  • Price Fight︰Introduces the most popular products (computer hardware) in the markets and rank them with details.

It ranked Number One among computer magazine in Hong Kong in terms of readership.[3] And its main competitor is PCM which published by Sing Tao Daily.

The magazine offers annual e-brand awards.[4]


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