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Lipstick on a pig refers to a Wikipedia article whose subject does not meet notability guidelines, but has nonetheless been written with considerable care and effort, and may be embellished with sources, citations, images, infoboxes, charts and graphs, or various external links, all in an attempt to appear encyclopedic.

A metaphorical depiction of dubious articles under construction, here used to dress up an essay of questionable value.

A lipstick on a pig may be a soapbox platform or an act of vandalism, but most often such articles seek to present as notable a subject of limited, local, or promotional interest. Regardless of content or motivation, beneath its rouge and mascara, the loap is an unencyclopedic offering, and is best served by being put down, mercifully, via speedy deletion, or in the lengthier and less humane WP:AFD process.

While many are the times when a reference to this essay might apply, except in extreme instances it is generally not suggested that this be cited as a rationale for deletion, as doing so may be seen as a breach of WP:CIVILITY, and would be viewed as unduly provocative.