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Could you please ...?[编辑]

Could you please check and revise User:Red_Tree_50/福斯托_切尔奇恩亚尼 and then move it to article namespace? My poor translation/adaptation is based on the English text at User:Red_Tree_50/Fausto_Cercignani. The person is on Wikipedia in various languages. Many thanks for your kind attention! --Red Tree 50留言) 2018年11月12日 (一) 08:19 (UTC)

Many thanks! But what about the translation? The article will be deleted? -- Red Tree 50留言) 2018年11月24日 (六) 17:29 (UTC)
  • Not bad, but this article contains a list of miscellaneous information, which is not recommended. -- Ehime«» 2018年11月29日 (四) 14:23 (UTC)

Wikimedia Sustainability Initiative[编辑]

Hi all. Please help us to translate Sustainability Initiative on meta in your language and add your name to the list of supporters to show your commitment to environment protection. Let's spread the word! Kind regards, --Daniele Pugliesi留言) 2018年11月28日 (三) 16:49 (UTC)


For example, here instead of Ukrainian Petrivna you use the Russian name Petrovna (Russian Speaking 佩特罗夫纳)

Please fix on Ukrainian Speaking Petrivna 佩特里夫纳 It is wrong to write Ukrainian names in the distortion of the Russian language. Russian is no longer an official language in Ukraine. Take an example from European languages ​​that have learned to spell real Ukrainian names.--Bohdan Bondar留言) 2018年12月6日 (四) 08:00 (UTC)--Bohdan Bondar留言) 2018年12月6日 (四) 08:00 (UTC)

@Bohdan Bondar: So under your requests, are you asking that the zh translation of Kiev should also follow Kyiv, and should not be "基辅" anymore? Even if yes, you need to ask authority controls of Sinophone areas, as we generally follow ACs' translations for title, try to find one at Template:Authority control --Liuxinyu970226留言) 2018年12月6日 (四) 12:37 (UTC)
@Liuxinyu970226: 1 列吉纳·托多连科 I apologize for writing the wrong article title. Need to fix this article. She is a Ukrainian singer, born in Ukraine. Ethnic Ukrainian. Her last name is Western Ukrainian (Todor is the Western Ukrainian analogue of the European name Theodor or the Russian name Fedor + enko is the standard ending for Ukrainian surnames that come from names)

Kiev need to correct for Kyiv 基辅 but why not 基伊辅? All languages ​​ that created the alternative, they keep @[email protected] in the middle. Now in English, all maps are already Kyiv Google Maps Bing Microsoft maps Russian Yandex (international version) Here.wego map (French language) abandoned the Russian name of the Ukrainian capital. This indicates that the Kyiv translation status is high. I just did not understand what action I should do on this link Template:Authority control?--Bohdan Bondar留言) 2018年12月6日 (四) 21:49 (UTC)

@Bohdan Bondar: So it looks like you're contesting our Chinese translations, rather than their English translations, and hence you come to zhwiki? Well, under your suggestions, [谁?]? For what I've found, these translation names are defined differently *at least* between Mainland China and Taiwan (though in nearly 45% times you may found the same calling names).
That said, when a naming form is used as title, we the zhwiki contributors always remain it, and request all new users to not simply rename it, just because there's conversion system available.
Per the proposed guideline draft, the Mainland China users usually follow how CNCTST defined the translations, and by using their term searching system (by searching zh-hans "基辅"), I've found 7 "Kiev" results (if you think they have to change to Kyiv under "英文名" (English name) column, you may contact office - at -, though it's unlikely that they agree to change "基辅"); likely Taiwanese users usually follow how naer defined, their search system only has one zh-hant "基輔" entry (please ignore the following acyls results), where said Kiev(Kyiv), is this Taiwanese-maintained result also inacceptable to you? (If yes then this contact form... but what to do after?)
Given that Chinese translations of foreign places can have much more edit wars possibility than English translations, such "changing-English-translations" campaigns should ideally be avoid, at the very minor least, on this zhwiki. As forked from Paul Eggert response from ICANN, we just take the most common Chinese spelling, and redirect all other spells to the tiled one, and if Mainland China-Taiwan conflict happened, use {{NoteTA}} and their CGroups.
Anyhow, thank you for posting on zhwiki Guestbook, but sadly there hasn't anything that has high priority for and about this topic. Wish you to have a good Xmas this year! --Liuxinyu970226留言) 2018年12月7日 (五) 16:32 (UTC)
@Liuxinyu970226: Thank you for correcting the city of Kyiv.

In this discussion, I wrote about this request and explained why.

. Now it remains in the article 列吉纳·托多连科 to correct the Russian name 佩特罗夫纳 Petrovna in the Ukrainian name 佩特里夫纳 Petrivna --Bohdan Bondar留言) 2018年12月8日 (六) 11:09 (UTC)
@Ehime:是。 谢谢--Bohdan Bondar留言) 2018年12月9日 (日) 08:18 (UTC)